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Online Job Sites: The Best Websites to Find That New Job

The days of “pounding the pavement” are long gone. These days, if you’re job hunting you need to get online and take advantage of online job sites.

This was the case even before the COVID-19 pandemic, but walk-in applications and open job interviews are all but eliminated at this time. Still, people need jobs! According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the unemployment rate was 4.9% between August 2020 to October 2020. So whether you’ve lost your job in the pandemic or are planning to change your career path in 2021, you need to be visiting online job sites to search for that new job.

Here are seven popular online job sites to help you get started.

The Top 7 Online Job Sites

These seven websites can help you search for (and find) the right job easily, quickly, and efficiently.


Indeed aggregates job postings from all over the web, including professional associations and careers pages of companies. You’ll find thousands of job listings on this website. You can search for jobs both locally and globally. Per an article posted on its website, Indeed delivers 65% of all hirings in the US from online platforms.

The majority of job seekers find Indeed user-friendly and easy to navigate. They also find it to be the fastest among all job search websites on the internet.

Apart from applying for jobs, you can also set up job alerts on Indeed. So, whenever a job posting on the platform meets your requirements, Indeed will notify you instantly.

Indeed currently hosts over 150 million resumes and adds almost 10 new jobs every second. Not only this but Indeed also has 200 million visits per month.


Glassdoor is not just a platform comprising ratings and reviews of employers all over the world; it is also one of the best websites for finding a job.

Glassdoor’s job search engine is robust and can help you find that right job in no time. All you need to do is register on the platform and get started. Like Indeed, Glassdoor comprises thousands of job postings across different industries. Almost 174,000 job postings are added on Glassdoor every month. Also, 57 million users visit Glassdoor’s mobile app and website every month.


LinkedIn not only allows you to find jobs using LinkedIn’s job search engine, it also helps you get in touch with employers through direct communication via extended networks. Therefore, LinkedIn is a blessing for both employers and job seekers. 60% of jobs are found through networking.

You can set up a free LinkedIn account and build your network. You can also search for jobs and apply per your requirements. Almost 50% of jobs posted on LinkedIn allow you to “EasyApply,” wherein you can instantly apply for a job without a cover letter.

You can also customize your job searches based on your exact requirements. Research shows that 75% of people who change their careers use LinkedIn. LinkedIn currently has over 3 million active job listings. It also allows you to participate in professional group discussions and follow companies of your choice.


CareerBuilder is one of the oldest online job search engines out there. It provides job seekers with highly customizable search filters to find the right job without investing a lot of time.

Instead of aggregating job postings from different platforms on the internet, CareerBuilder collects job postings directly from employers and partners with local news organizations to list local job ads.

Facebook Job Search

In case you haven’t noticed among the pictures of people’s food and political posts, Facebook has launched Facebook Jobs, which you can use to find jobs in your area. However, many job seekers prefer keeping Facebook social than professional. If you don’t mind sharing your professional details on Facebook, you can leverage it to find a new job.

Research shows that 66% of employers use Facebook for recruiting. Also, 1 in 4 people in the US found a job on Facebook.

Robert Half

Robert Half is a comprehensive job search engine with thousands of job listings, some of which are exclusive to the website. Many job postings on this platform even include pay details.

You can make the most of Robert Half to find new jobs, filter jobs that best suit your requirements, apply for part-time/full-time jobs, get access to job finding tips, read employment advice and workplace-related research, and more.


SimplyHired’s concept and functionality are similar to Indeed; however, based on user reviews, it provides job seekers with better filters when searching for a job. You can even save your searches and evaluate them at your convenience.

This job search platform aggregates job postings from the career pages of different companies, other job posting websites, and so on. Currently, SimplyHired is home to over 750,000 job listings.

Don’t Let a Bad Internet Connection Ruin Your Job Search

Imagine, you are filling an online job application, and you get a “No Internet” error the moment you hit the “Submit” button. Extremely annoying, right? But you don’t need to worry about internet issues like this when you have internet service with gotW3.

It’s not just your usual cell phone Wi-Fi hotspot or modem; gotW3 is one of the most reliable internet providers for at home and on the go, offering several data plans. With gotW3, you can search for jobs for hours or participate in virtual job interviews without worries about losing connectivity. Plus, gotW3 doesn’t require a contract, nor a credit check. All you need to do is purchase a gotW3 router from an authorized gotW3 retailer, pick your data plan, and power online.

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