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A Guide to B2B Business Productivity Tools

With more and more companies shifting to remote work because of the COVID-19 pandemic, business productivity is due for a checkup. The right B2B business productivity tools can help you streamline your business functions and processes, and ensure employees stay focused.

When choosing B2B business productivity tools, think of the current issues your business is facing as well as your business goals. Ask employees what would help boost their productivity. Thoroughly research and then make an informed decision. Don’t jump into a purchase based on a flashy sales pitch or what you’ve heard from another business owner. Make sure each tool makes sense for your business and your team now and down the road.

6 B2B Business Productivity Tools to Consider for Your Organization

Whether you are looking to boost team collaboration or to effectively manage projects and tasks, here are 6 types of tried and tested business productivity tools to consider:

Team Collaboration – Slack and Microsoft Teams

Slack is a great business productivity tool for collaboration between team members. It is perfect for group chats. Team members can manage their settings and share files with one another or a large group at once. It is faster, more organized, and more secure than email. Slack can be a good choice for both managers and employees. Managers can connect with all employees at once, and employees can connect with their managers or colleagues on a common platform. The free version allows you to integrate 10 apps, from Google Calendar to GoToMeeting.

Microsoft Teams is a popular communication and collaboration platform for teams. It comprises workplace chat, file storage, file sharing, video conferencing, and more. Microsoft Teams also provides you with the option to create or integrate apps that your business uses for daily work.

Digital Enterprise Management – G Suite

G Suite is one of the most popular digital enterprise management solutions out there. It comprises an array of tools to boost business productivity. Businesses can purchase a domain, set up their email clients, manage documents, track website analytics, share calendars and do a lot more.

Organization and Task Management - Evernote

Evernote is an all-in-one app that helps you stay organized. It works on all devices and can be used for taking notes, managing tasks, viewing and storing documents, archiving documents, and more. Professionals use Evernote to store files, images, and videos. The app also allows users to prioritize ideas, create to-do lists, and keep track of tasks.

Project and Task Management – Trello and

There are many project management platforms to explore – from long-established Basecamp to newer tools like Asana, and Trello. They all are designed to provide teams (remote or under the same roof) with data-driven processes for staying on top of projects and deadlines. Some platforms are more customizable than others; some integrate with more leading apps (e.g., Dropbox, Slack, Google Drive, Google Calendar) than others.

360-Degree Solution for Monitoring Business Productivity - Blendo

Blendo is a comprehensive business productivity tool that allows businesses to track everything from customer service to marketing in one place. Whether it is your business’ sales data or the results of your content marketing efforts, you can use Blendo to monitor every corner of your business on a single platform.

Social Media Management - HootSuite and Buffer

Hootsuite is an efficient solution for monitoring all the social media channels of your business. Plans are available beginning with one user. You can create posts and schedule posts in advance, making managing your social media activity much more efficient.

Buffer is another subscription-based, powerful social media management tool that includes publishing and analytics features. Paid plans begin at $15/month for 8 social accounts and 1 user. (They also offer a free plan with 3 social accounts, 10 scheduled posts, and 1 user.)

There are countless productivity tools in the marketplace; this list is intended to increase your awareness of the types of tools to consider. For a comprehensive list of software offerings along with reviews by users of all types and sizes, check out

gotW3: The Backbone of All Business Productivity Tools

Research has shown that 74% of businesses plan to permanently shift to remote work even after the pandemic is over. With more individuals working from home, the global internet speeds have also been impacted. Nevertheless, we have a quick and efficient solution to ensure you don’t get interrupted while using the business productivity tools mentioned above: gotW3.

gotW3 provides you with faster than ever internet speed and reliable wireless connectivity. So, whether you are participating in an online event at work on Microsoft Teams or uploading heavy files using G Suite, you can rely on gotW3 for all your internet needs.


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