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Reliable Internet: A Must for Working from Home

When the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe, it changed the way many workplaces did business, resulting in a large number of people working from home. Even with restrictions lifting in some places and employees returning to work with masks, physical distancing, and other precautions, some are wondering if the face of the American workplace has forever changed. An April 2020 article in Forbes posed this exact question, asking “Is Working From Home The Future Of Work?”

The benefits of having staff work from home are many, and extend beyond each employee to the company itself. For workers, not dealing with what can be a lengthy and costly commute and having more free time for family and personal pursuits is a huge plus, while employers reap the rewards of happier and more productive employees. In order for the working from home experience to go smoothly, however, connectivity is key – and reliable internet is a must for being equipped to get the job done.

Different Types of Internet

When looking into the different ways you can stay connected, you’ll find various options to consider based on your needs and what’s available in your area. Cable internet: A common form of internet due to its fast connection speed and availability in many areas, cable internet is often unavailable for rural customers.

DSL internet: This method operates over telephone networks, which means that it’s accessible for users in rural areas. However, DSL internet can be slow – much slower than cable and other ways to connect.

Fiber internet: This type of internet connection is lightning fast, but it’s also expensive and not widely available.

Satellite internet: An option for rural and remote locations, satellite internet (like satellite TV) can suffer from spotty service – especially during severe weather. Cellular/wireless internet: This form of internet enables internet access through a cellular data network, making it an option at home, on the road, or anywhere cell service is available.

Working from Home

For those who live in rural areas and need a fast, reliable connection in order to work, wireless internet delivered via a gotW3 router is a simple solution that doesn’t require complicated installation of equipment or wiring or a visit from a technician. Because gotW3 routers are wireless, getting started is as easy as plugging in the device and getting connected.

A wireless internet router isn’t just a good idea for employees working from home; it’s also a great idea for rural small businesses who need to stay connected whether they currently have a full staff on board or not.

Staying Connected on the Go

One of the best aspects of cellular/wireless internet is the ability to take it with you on the go. It’s particularly useful for people who travel by RV for work or for pleasure. Much like creating a cellular hotspot with your cell phone, wireless routers create a portable internet hotspot that you can connect to a laptop, tablet, cell phone, or any other internet-enabled device.

Full-time RVers who work from wherever they are especially benefit from bringing their own RV internet with them. Anyone who has ever spent time trying to work on the road understands that finding public Wi-Fi is a risky gamble when you have time-sensitive tasks to be done. Connecting via a cell phone hotspot can be problematic, as well – using large amounts of data and in some cases, racking up roaming charges.

Make Sure Devices Are Covered

When you work from home or the road, your internet router is your professional lifeline. While gotW3 internet routers are incredibly reliable, all devices are subject to occasional problems. So it’s helpful to understand how to properly maintain and troubleshoot your router. It’s also a good idea to get a router protection plan to ensure that you can get a quick replacement should the device suddenly fail.

By understanding the different types of internet, ensuring that you can connect from anywhere, and making sure your router is always up and running properly, you’ll be ready to get the job done whether circumstances lead you to work at home or from the road in the weeks and months to come.

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