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Internet On The Go: How To Stay Connected Wherever You Are

Thanks to your smartphone, you have around-the-clock access to email, text, social media, and more. But is that the best approach when you want or need the internet when you’re traveling? It’s not, and in this post, we explain why and offer a smarter and more economical solution.

On the water with GotW3 internet service

What’s Wrong With WiFi Hotspots

Cell phone WiFi hotspots are included in all major carrier plans. This means that you can use the built-in WiFi hotspot in your Android smartphone or the Personal Hotspot in your iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) to connect all of your devices to the internet while you are traveling.

The problem? First, these plans include bandwidth limits. So, while you’re relaxing in a remote location but spending a few hours each day working on your laptop or chatting with family and friends at home, you could be generating massive roaming data charges and not even realize it. In addition, the national carriers usually require a two-year contract.

Free Public WiFi Has A Cost, Too

Ever tap into free public WiFi at a coffee shop or a restaurant? Chances are you have. After all, if an establishment offers free public WiFi as a service to their customers, they make a point of spreading the word about it to their patrons, hoping it encourages repeat visits.

But if you’ve used free public WiFi, have you considered the potential cost — personally or to your employer — if your computer is hacked?

Research has shown that it takes less than 2 seconds to attack an open WiFi connection. It’s important to understand the risks associated with using public WiFi to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of potential cyberattacks. Hackers can use free WiFi to get access to your devices. Therefore, instead of simply enjoying free internet, you end up sharing your private data and information with hackers. You should think twice about using Free Public WiFi as an ongoing solution for communicating and working. It’s best to use only in urgent situations.

The Best Internet on the Go Solution: A Portable Travel Router

A portable travel router uses 3G and/or 4G cellular networks, just like your cell phone, and wirelessly shares the internet connection with multiple devices. It eliminates your dependency on mobile hotspots and the risks of using free public WiFi, making it the safest and most economical way to have the internet on the go. You can carry and use your router anywhere in the world. provides portable travel routers you can plug into a normal 110v outlet or run using the USB port in your car, on your laptop or off a portable battery. We offer an urban plan as well as a rural plan, with no data limits, no contracts, and no credit checks. Learn more here.

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