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New Year’s Fitness Resolutions: Getting Fit from Home

It’s that time of the year again! Have you set your New Year’s resolutions? If so, you probably included some fitness resolutions.

However, this year, fitness resolutions come with a twist. The COVID-19 pandemic is still raging, many gyms and fitness centers remain closed, and social distancing is as important as ever.

So, home fitness has become a necessity. According to the findings of a consumer survey conducted by Harrison Co., consumers are spending billions of dollars to shift to in-home fitness because of the pandemic.

Whether you are planning to attend online yoga classes or stream workouts on your phone, you need to have your home gym — and home network — prepared.

New Year’s Fitness Resolutions: Getting Fit from Home

Here are some quick tips on at-home fitness to get you started on your New Year’s fitness resolutions.

Determine Your Readiness and Create a Plan

The first and most important step is to determine how ready you are both mentally and physically for the new fitness routine. Be sure to consult your doctor before starting a new fitness program.

To assess your readiness for the fitness regimen, answer these questions:

● Do you have confidence in your physical ability?

● How likely are you to follow the fitness regimen?

● What type of exercises will you do?

● How much time can you devote to the fitness regimen?

● Will you do it alone or with a partner?

Once you have the answers, create a comprehensive home fitness plan. Start with short sessions (10 minutes each) and then move to longer sessions (30-40 minutes each).

Set Realistic Goals

While it’s great to set fitness goals in the new year, make certain they are feasible and realistic. For instance, a goal to lose at least 10-12 pounds by the end of April is both achievable and reasonable. Start slow and don’t rush. Take one step at a time. Begin with low-intensity exercise and build a strong foundation for fitness in the long run.

Watch Exercise Videos

There’s no dearth of home fitness videos on the internet these days. You can easily find online exercise videos for different age groups, genders, exercise preferences, and so on. Most of them are detailed and easy to follow. However, it can be a daunting task to pick the right video for your requirements. You may need to watch 10-15 videos (or more) based on your exercise preferences to get started.

Some exercise video categories you can explore are:

● Exercise videos for beginners

● High-intensity cardio exercise videos

● Exercise videos for seniors

● Circuit training videos

You can follow a similar approach to yoga and meditation. You can easily find thousands of yoga and meditation videos online.

Join an Online Fitness Course or Program

Online fitness or workout programs are not limited to exercises and fitness courses. They comprise a wide variety of sessions ranging from “how to set up a home gym” to “planning a healthy diet.” You can find both free and paid online courses and programs. Check the ratings and reviews of any course or program you’re considering before enrolling.

Leverage Fitness Apps

There’s a lot more you can do with your smartphone besides listening to music, sending emails, and making calls. You can easily find hundreds of fitness apps – whether you are an Android or an iOS user. These apps allow you to track your daily steps, check your calories, plan your daily diet, and a lot more. They also include exercise and workout instructions and videos to help you stay fit at home. Some fitness apps even provide access to a personal trainer or fitness coach for an additional cost.

Get the Right Fitness Gear

Before you begin your fitness routine, make certain you have the right fitness gear to get started. This includes workout clothes, home-gym equipment, workout shoes, and so on. You don’t need expensive equipment such as a treadmill or exercise bike to set up your home workout area. You can purchase reasonably-priced fitness equipment such as yoga mats, dumbbells, resistance bands, jump ropes, and kettlebells online.

Have a Reliable Internet Connection

Whether you are streaming workout videos at home or participating in an online fitness program, you need a reliable internet connection to keep your fitness routine going. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Internet connectivity issues are a thing of the past thanks to gotW3. It’s not just a cell phone Wi-Fi hotspot or modem; it’s the internet for home and on the go. With gotW3, you can stream exercise videos or schedule daily fitness sessions with your personal trainer anytime and anywhere you want. No contracts, no credit checks!

All you need to do is order the router, an active SIM card, and power online. gotW3 offers a choice of routers to provide you with dependable, secure, and fast internet throughout the day.

Click here to learn more about gotW3.

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