GotW3 Retailers

GotW3 Retailers have the chance to be a full-service internet service provider. You can offer each of your customers the best Urban / Rural Internet service in America. Our internet service and retailer program allow you the freedom of doing what you do best and that's selling more products. We provide you with training, full Tier1/2 Level Support, Customer Service, and Customer Billing.  Receive monthly sales reports of your Upfront Commissions and Monthly Recurring Revenue for the life of the customer.


GotW3 offers a wide range of consumer internet products, like;

1.  GotW3 Internet

   Data Internet Plans

  • Urban America Plan

  • Rural America Plan

2. GotW3 TotalSECURE

    GotW3 has a complete and comprehensive solution for your customer's computer and internet security needs.  Including; 

  • SecureIT - (anti-virus)

  • FileHopper - (cloud backup and restoration - 1TB)

  • Password Genie - (password manager)

  • TotalTECH Premium - Unlimited Device support for Internet-connected devices.


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