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The gotW3 by RevGen Networks Fair Use policy improves the general user experience of all internet users. It controls and moderates the usage of international bandwidth by all customers. Therefore, it prevents the actions of internet hungry and heavy-users from abusing normal users’ right to high-speed access to international content. 


During periods of peak use, the Fair Use Policy restricts the available connection speed of users identified as having made excessive use of international bandwidth capacity, in favor of other users who have not yet used their fair share.  We reset to zero all monitored bandwidth usage on a monthly cycle. This ensures an equal usage profile and equal access to the network and world wide web. Your data usage is unlimited and you will never be charged more for going over any data limit, as there is none.  But we do reserve the right to regulate excessive data usage to protect the rights and experience of all our customers.


The average household of (4) uses 300-500GB (gigabytes) of data per month for surfing, video/movie streaming, email, cloud storage for documents, pictures and more.  Data users for First Person Gamers and Bitcoin Miners can use TB (terabytes - 1024GB) of data in a fraction of a month reducing the bandwidth available to you as the average user. This type of data hogging is not permitted on our network and those abusive user situations will be warned and deprioritized until their next monthly data usage recycle date.


Note:  When utilizing the internet for streaming your favorite movies, weekly TV series, etc., remember to set your streaming devices and apps to 720/1080dpi versus HD/4K.  This greatly reduces the bandwidth required and put simply, it does not reduce your experience in any way.


(1) two hour movie streamed in HD/4K could be 14-20GB of data usage. That's 7-10GB/hour.


(1) two hour movie streamed in 720/1080dpi could be 2-4GB of data usage. That's 1-2GB/hour.


For your mobile devices the resolution doesn't really matter because the screen is so small anyway.  When YouTubing/Surfing and looking at videos on the web have your device stream those in even lower resolutions like 480/600dpi  this resolution only eats up an average of 40-60MB (megabytes) per clip depending on the length of the clip.


Big difference!

gotW3 by RevGen Networks, LLC appreciates your understanding that we're simply trying to protect all our customers and their use of the internet. 


Thank you for using gotW3 Internet in a responsible manner.

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