If you have an internet connection with gotW3 but it’s slow or non existent (<.1MBps) you can even update your router with your phone’s LTE internet connection.


Connect to the internet and click the Router Firmware Update link.  

If you have an internet connection with your router goto Step #3.


Step #1: If you’re attempting to update your router with your phone or an alternate internet connection.  Click on the Router Firmware Update link.  Once you do you will then be prompted to connect to the gotW3 WiFi Router connection so it can apply the new Firmware settings just downloaded.


Step #1.jpg

Step #2: Now connect your device (phone, laptop, IPad) to the gotW3 WiFi.


Step #2.jpg

Now press the TRY AGAIN button from Step #1.



Step #3: The firmware is now connecting to your gotW3 C4R400 Router and applying the new Firmware settings.


Step #3.jpg

Step #4:  Once your router has rebooted after applying the settings reconnect your device to the gotW3 WiFi Router.


Step #4.jpg